Hello 2011. What can you do for me?

As it does year after year, the eve and the 1st have come and gone. New Year's Eve, one of the only nights in the year when drunken debauchery is expected; a night full of expectations; a night riddled with reflections and projections. Then of course, New Year's Day: that second-born twin that gets its spotlights stolen. The lesser remembered day of the occasion; filled with inquiries of new hopes and resolutions.

Resolution: that thing people try to do to make themselves "start the New Year off right"; also that thing that rarely comes to fruition.

I've given up putting stock in new year resolutions. First of all, they're rarely formulated as goals: an actual goal containing metrics, milestones, reward system, consequences etc.

For some reason, the oncoming and arrival of 2011 has been anticlimactic. Quite frankly, 2011 and I have yet to become friends; I'm giving it the cold shoulder. I wouldn't call it separation anxiety from 2010; it was just okay. There isn't much to look forward to in 2011.

If anything, a new year resolution lends itself to a look-forward into the year; allows one to project a purpose. However, I do have a hard time understanding why there is so much significance to a change in number. Unless you deal in the financial industry, what big difference does it make? It's hardly a tabula rasa start to anything.

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