A present

It's Christmas, and on the note of a somewhat momentous time of year, I feel something akin to a tug of obligation to post an arbitrary ramble.

To be honest, I've been a scrooge for most of the day. Let's just say the "holidays" paint a different picture for me than for a good many. So I've allowed the majority of the day to slip away and fade into the anonymity that is most of the other 360ish days in a year. However, here is my redeeming moment!

Tonight, I've stumbled upon a file of coveted quotes from one of my all-time favorite reads. If you ever find yourself in conversation with me over books, this title will be revealed to you: Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. Pick up a copy, and thank me later.

Roberts and his almost divine way with words will charm you. Not with his perfect instinct for the rhythm and flow of his writing; not with his ability to completely entrance and enfold you into this story-telling; but with the pure wisdom he writes with. This is a wisdom gained through life. A life full and filled with pain, loss, love, you name it...this man has lived. He's lived probably two more lifetimes than I'll ever have the chance to experience.

If you want to feel and be floored by the moments of clarity stumbled upon through literature, read this book. **PS - try to purchase the more colorful cover (click on the link); it's worth it

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