The Update

To my alienated readers and the stumblers-on: Happy Thanksgiving from the coasts of...America, to put it easily. A post meant for a simple catch-up from my last post, a mere eight months ago, is about to careen into a ditch of a jaded poli-ticked mind. Perhaps for a later "update."

Veering back to today's chosen path:

A quick reflection of the past eight months brings to realization of a rather tedious list of happenings to detail and share. Perhaps an outline format? No, I'd be depriving what little compositional motivation I'm currently reveling in; I wouldn't want to deprive myself of that. So to first explain this lack of motivation, one must understand the avenue which now commands my words and thoughts; work, perhaps the one thing that legitimizes "employment" (AKA adulthood). The culprit: Emails mostly. A demanding, fervent need from a virtual box, whether accessible or not, every now and then tickles me; I must diligently tend to and monitor, least it wither and implode on my watch. My corporate jugular beats strong, and at times it's dangerously simple and easy to immerse one's self into the deigned noble cause of whichever corporate entity one happens to resign oneself to. In all fairness, I continue to enjoy my work-laden self. The challenges keep me...well, challenged, and the landscape of my weeks constantly change. The travel helps, but no need to expound on this note: trust me, I go nowhere exciting.

On a more personal note: weddings, marriage, love and all things eternal and beautiful was a rather gargantuan theme these past few months. My involvement: purely as an attendant and observer; however, I did catch at least one bouquet. So...updates later? An exuberant shout-out to the lovely Katheryn Hawkins Salazar, Jerri Ann Jacob Yeh and to my sister Diana Shen Meek. In an attempt to not submit to my instinct for contemptuous, snide remarks in the face of all things love-related and eternal: I declare my well wishes, as sincere and genuine as any wish I've wished.

Without mention, everyone should know that a fall without note of NCAA football is a fall with a gap that needs filling; however, I shall bypass this notice and leave it fairly unspoken of: in hopes of a more redeeming season next year.

So I'm losing whatever steam I had at the start of this post. The major bullet points have been noted. The undertow to any productive year is (and was) ever present in 2010. Friends gained. Life lessons tripped over and internalized. Old friendships strengthened and cherished.

In spirit of the holiday, albeit almost an entirely commercial one, it is important to give thanks. A convenient yet shameful thing to do: to take things for granted in life. Especially things one allows one to feel entitlement towards. There are very few things in life that a single being has the right to; these nature dictates and after that, society oft decrees what counts and what does not. Speaking on a personal level, we (the people) have an ugly habit of feeling entitled to the simplest of things; things that make quite a difference when gone and lost. Every now and then (not just on Thanksgiving), consider what's more worth your time: an hour given to commercials and a TV program or time given to catching up with a friend. I know that I am a forever evolving form shaped by my experiences and memories, the life lessons learned from those experiences and the people who inspire me to laugh, cry, hate, ponder, try new things, be myself.

So thank you people.

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  1. Yay a shout out! Happy Thanksgiving! See you for Christmas?